Sports Medicine Kit – Not Missing Out On The Essentials?


Physical activity always involves the risk of major injuries, minor injuries and illness. This proves to be true for the sports persons and athletes, who involve themselves in physical activity involving aggression in an extremely competitive environment.

Experts opine that after an in-depth study and preparation in advance one will be able to face any contingency or injury that may arise.

The Components

Under this head we have discussed about the basic items to be carried in the sports medicine kit.

First-Aid Requirements

The sports medicine kit of players belonging to different categories consists of many items which form is found in the first aid kit.
Some of the items which are found in the sports medicine kit and the first aid kit are:

*A bag for a sports medical trainer.
*Crepe bandages
*Eye pads
* Triangular bandages
* Gauze swabs
* Melolin dressing
* Smelling salts
*Hot/Cold packs which are reusable.
* Sterile saline
* Insulating tape
* Elastic adhesive bandages
* Anticoagulant spray meant for blood clotting.
* Cotton wool
* Sterile suture strips
* Wound washes
* Savlon /antiseptic cream
* Scissors
* Antiseptic wipes
* Tweezers
*Safety pins
*Micro porous tapes

The composition of the sports’ medicine kit and its efficiency in tackling contingencies should be given additional consideration by the players, coaches and the managers.

In addition to the above, the following items are necessary in a fully equipped sports medicine kit.

Funny Packs:

This forms an important component of the kit as they are easily portable and act as a good container to keep the necessities.

Sling bags:

These are available in varied shapes and sizes and they are the most luring items in a sports medicine kit. These bags are designed in such a way that they contain spacious compartments which enable better space management.

Bum Bags:

This is similar to sling bags and they are spacious and designed with large compartments which aid better carrying and packing.

These bags consist of more than one compartment with provisions in the form of separate compartments for sprays and bottles.

Vendors and Providers:

There are a number of vendors who sell sports medicine packages and other ancillary products depending on ones requirements.

But before going in for a specific type of sports medicine kit, it is necessary to assess our requirements and select the one which best suits our need. Suppose you are engaged in water games more than in any other games which you play it is wise to go in for a kit that provides water resistant types and other materials.