Medicine – Keeping Medicine Out of Reach of Children

When checking to make sure that medicine is out of reach of children, it’s crucial to take a journey of your home with a fine-tooth comb… on your hands and knees. Crawling around your home will enable you to view things from your child’s perspective. Following is a safety inspection for medicine contained in your home.

Make sure medicine is stored in an upper cabinet, like one over the refrigerator, or one that is locked at all times.
Refrain from disposing of medicine in the garbage. Check with your local pharmacist for a local collection program.
Ensure that vitamins, pain relievers and other medicines are not left out on counters.
Secure your refrigerator with a child safety lock if medicines are stored in there.
Check to see if pills have accidentally fallen on the floor, or under a bed where a child could get to it.
Make sure family members or guests don’t leave vitamins or medicine on nightstands which are easily accessible to children.
Make sure medicine stored in a closet is locked at all times.
Move diaper bags and guest bags to a higher ground where a child could not get into them in the event they contain medicine.
Make sure medicine bottles have child-resistant caps.
Use medicines contained in blister packs, when possible, as these are hard for children to open.
Keep liquid medicines in small volumes in child-proof containers.
Clean out the medicine cabinet periodically and throw away outdated medicines.
Dispose of old medicines by pouring them down the drain or toilet only if it is environmentally-safe to do so.
Rinse medicine containers prior to disposing of them.
Refer to medications by their proper names and explain that they must be taken in prescribed dosages.
Avoid taking medication in front of children so they don’t attempt to rep

The Medical Bag for Travel

As I am going to be going on my honeymoon pretty soon, I thought that I would let you guys know what’s inside my medical bag.

First of all, why even take a medical bag with you on holiday?

After all you don’t want to be taking packs of medication with you on holiday. Well that’s exactly what I thought just before a short trip to India recently. The other half insisted that I take a back of all kinds of medicines with me. So, being a gentleman who didn’t want to disappoint his future wife packed them into my bag knowing I wouldn’t need to reach for that bag at all. How wrong was I!

A week into my trip I decided to go out and eat at a popular restaurant. I was missing the trusty bag of Chips (Fries) and ordered myself a plate. The food was fantastic and I left a happy customer back to my hotel room. Later that night the trouble started, I’m not going to go into the gory detail of what happened next but I’m sure you can figure it out.

After my episode, I found myself reaching for that bag! Popped a few pills and I was okay after a few more episodes! To top that off, a few friends that I travelled with also got the “Delhi Belly” a couple of days later. What came to the rescue? Yes, you guessed it the medical bag! Don’t you hate it when she is right!
So what is included in a well organised medical travel bag?

Paracetemol: The most essential and abundant pill in the world! Every time my head hurt or a friends head hurt, the trusty medical bag equipped with a box of these pills came in handy.

Throat Lozenges: When you travel to a distant country, the environment that you are in is totally different. In many countries like India natural fires are lit or using cow dung, now the smoke from these fires can give you a sore throat in a matter of days.

Nurofen: A more potent painkiller than just paracetemol, the women love it for obvious reasons. It also contains caffeine so you can get your fix at the same time!

Tissues: Quite obvious and not really “medical”. The ladies have always got on in their bags and I totally understand why. The amount of times I reached into my medical bag for tissue is unbelievable.

Allergy Medicine: Sometimes also called motion sickness pills worked the best during my episode. Although it was a bout of food poisoning, the motion sickness pills really helped with the nausea. At the very least, these pills got me back on my feet quicker.

Antacids: No doubt if you visit a place like India and eat the local food, you are going to get acid and maybe a bit of gas. Having some antacids with you will help you sleep after a spicy meal and avoid some embarrassing moments!

Anti-diarrhoea: Speaking of embarrassing moments, none could be more worse than the one I’m talking about here. Having Anti-diarrhoea tablets while on holiday are a true godsend! I was able to go about my daily business without having to worry about you know what.

Fibre Tablets: On the other end of the scale, you might find it difficult to go. My partner has this problem when we travel and all she does is pop one of these pills and all is back to normal.

Antiseptic Creams: Finally, you might cut or graze yourself while on holiday. If you are anything like me, who likes to do a few adventurous things, then this cream is helpful when an activity doesn’t go as planned!